A New Approach to digital video

New Media TV is the innovative platform for automating video creation to social media and premium publishers. Revolutionary video technology creates unique video clips that look amazing.



The creation of your video clips is made by revolutionary video technology that reads the home page, e-store and social media in real time. New Media TV has delivered more than 1,000,000 videos and reached more than 10 M consumers.


We don’t buy the media. You or your agency does. However, the platform can be integrated with digital and linear TV channels, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. It also has features for distributing digital content directly to your digital agency, media agency or ad exchange.

Video automation

The platform is built with automation in mind and seamless integration with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Premium Publishers. The platform supports all the common types of data feeds to make the solution ready for dynamic video ads.

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New Media TV helps top brands reach their audiences with relevant content in real time - through the strongest media video - and build a unique customer relationship. Want to know more? Contact us.

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